Presenter Barbara Schöneberger (49) made a nasty joke about David Hasselhoff (70) when she spoke to comedy star Carolin Kebekus (42) about the US star in the new episode of her podcast “With the waffles of a woman”. On the subject of youthful love, Schöneberger claimed: “One used to be in love with strange people.” Kebekus promptly revealed: “I was in love with David Hasselhoff for the first time. But I was so young that I wasn’t really in love, I wanted him to be our uncle.”

Schöneberger did not leave this uncommented and said that she only recently met the entertainer and talked to him for a long time. “I’m going to say something now that I really hate to say – but because David Hasselhoff isn’t in the country and doesn’t speak our language and I like doing things backwards anyway, I’ll just tell you right now that David Hasselhoff is close to the toast. Be glad that nothing happened with him at the time. You would not have been happy, neither as a husband nor as an uncle could he have given you what you deserve,” said Schöneberger.

The moderator summarizes what Schöneberger and Hasselhoff talked about like this: He only talked about moments when fans wanted to take a picture with him. That didn’t go down well with her. “Whoa, that’s terrible,” said Kebekus. “It’s terrible,” Schöneberger replied.

David Hasselhoff is best known in Germany for the TV series “Knight Rider” (1982-1986) and “Baywatch – The Lifeguards of Malibu” (1989-2001) and for his hit “Looking for Freedom” (1989).