An important role will be recast in “Bad Boys 4”. As “Variety” reports exclusively, Tasha Smith (52) takes over for Theresa Randle (58). In the first three films of the Buddy Cop series, Randle played the part of Theresa – the wife of police officer Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence, 58). It is not yet known why Theresa Randle is leaving the franchise.

Tasha Smith is a rather blank slate in Germany. In the USA, she made a name for herself in films by Tyler Perry (53). She starred in the hip-hop series Empire and alongside Eddie Murphy (62) in Dolemite Is My Name.

Tasha Smith works behind the scenes as an acting coach. In this capacity she appeared on “America’s Next Top Model”, the US equivalent of “Germany’s Next Top Model”. Tasha Smith coached singer Mary J. Blige (52) to an Oscar nomination for “Mudbound.”

In addition to Martin Lawrence, Will Smith (54) also returns for “Bad Boys 4” – despite his outbreak of violence at the Oscars in 2022. The star, who is actually in disgrace, is neither related nor related to Tasha Smith.

Vanessa Hudgens (34) will also be there again. In “Bad Boys for Life”, the third installment in the series, she played guns expert Kelly for the first time. New on board is Eric Dane. It’s not yet clear what role the “Grey’s Anatomy” star will play. Details about the story of Part 4 are not yet available.

Like part 3, “Bad Boys 4” is directed by the duo Adil El Arbi (34) and Bilall Fallah (37). The Belgians have already staged “Bad Boys for Life”. Filming began in April 2023, and there is no start date yet.