The anti-war drama “Nothing New in the West” has been nominated twelve times for the German Film Award – more than any other production. The film about the First World War has been nominated for best feature film, among other things, as the German Film Academy in Berlin announced on Friday. The film by director Edward Berger had already won four Oscars in the USA.

The drama “The Teacher’s Room” has seven nominations. In it, director Ilker Çatak tells the story of a dispute at a school that spirals out of control. This film is also in the running for the Golden Lola for the best feature film.

A total of six films have been nominated in this category. This also includes the thriller “Holy Spider” about a woman murderer in Iran, the literary adaptation “Sonne und Beton” based on a novel by Felix Lobrecht, the gangster story “Rheingold” by Fatih Akin and the film adaptation “When will it finally be like it is never was” based on a book by Joachim Meyerhoff.

The German Film Prize is to be awarded on May 12th. The awards are endowed with a total of around three million euros for new projects. Last year, “Dear Thomas” was awarded best film about writer Thomas Brasch.

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