The television journalist and former “heute journal” moderator, Ruprecht Eser, is dead. He died on Friday at the age of 79, as announced by the public broadcaster ZDF. He worked for the station in various functions for 37 years. He is still known to many as the presenter of the main news program “heute journal” during the reunification period.

For several years until 2003, he moderated the Sunday morning talk show “Half 12 – Eser and guests”. He also worked in London as a correspondent and as ZDF chief reporter.

ZDF editor-in-chief Bettina Schausten said: “We mourn the loss of a thoroughbred journalist and persistent interviewer who shaped the political reporting of ZDF for decades, especially during the German years of reunification.” She herself learned a lot from Eser. He remains a “role model for critical and fair journalism”.

Eser was born in Lutherstadt Wittenberg in 1943. In 1970 he came to ZDF, having previously gained experience at the BBC. He had an interlude at the time of the young private television station Vox before he was drawn back to ZDF. After leaving the Mainz broadcaster, Eser became involved in journalism training.