Alessia Herren (21) announced her pregnancy on Instagram last October. Now the daughter of the late Willi Herren (1975-2021) has also announced the birth of her little daughter on the social network. Anisa-Amalia therefore “saw the light of day” on Sunday, as Herren writes in her sweet post about a photo of a tiny baby hand.

Herren further explains: “We are incredibly proud and grateful for the great life with our little princess. Our little miracle has the best guardian angel over her! I know how proud my dad is of us! You are the very best grandpa! We love you infinitely much”, followed by the symbol for gratitude.

When her pregnancy was announced in October last year, Herren had already remembered her late father. “For us it is a sign of my forever beloved, unforgotten father, because the child is for the month of April 2023, the month when my father unfortunately left us. I wish so much that the child would be a little Willi Dad we love you,” Herren wrote at the time.

Before the birth of her little Anisa-Amalia, Herren had said yes to her boyfriend Can in February. “We did it, we were at the registry office and we’re married,” she posted on Instagram at the time.

Alessia Herren’s father Willi died unexpectedly in his apartment on April 20, 2021. The former “Lindenstraße” star left two children. Son Stefano Herren (29) had already made his father a grandfather twice while he was still alive.