According to US broadcaster CNN, filming for the western “Rust” will resume this week. A spokesman for the production company said that work after the fatal accident on the set will continue on Thursday at the Yellowstone Film Ranch in the US state of Montana.

Lead actor and producer Alec Baldwin (65) fired a shot from a prop gun during a rehearsal in October 2021, killing camerawoman Halyna Hutchins (1979-2021). The revolver had previously been handed to him incorrectly loaded with live ammunition. Director Joel Souza (49) was also injured during the incident.

Both Souza and Baldwin will return to the film set to complete the film. In the fall of 2022, Baldwin agreed to pay an undisclosed amount in damages with widower Matthew Hutchins (38). The two also agreed that the survivor would serve as executive producer on Rust. As early as February 2023, it was announced that filming would not end at the scene of the accident, Bonanza Creek Ranch in the US state of New Mexico, but that the set would be rebuilt in Montana.

At the same time, there are still several legal proceedings against various parties involved. Among other things, both Baldwin and armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed (25) were charged with manslaughter in January. Baldwin has pleaded not guilty in the trial. Gutierrez Reed’s attorney said his client also believes she is innocent. Assistant director Dave Halls (63), who finally handed Baldwin the loaded gun, was sentenced to a six-month suspended sentence about two weeks ago. According to the prosecutor, Halls was the “last line of defense” that could have prevented this accident. He was partially responsible for the death of Hutchins.