Singer Kylie Minogue (54) is campaigning for a larger range of non-alcoholic wine and sparkling wine. “There are so many people who want this option – people from my band, singers, pregnant women, people who generally don’t drink alcohol,” she said in Düsseldorf on the sidelines of the ProWein trade fair of the German Press Agency. That’s why she now also offers a non-alcoholic sparkling wine version. The sober (sober) trend has given rise to a large number of alcohol-free bars in the USA, for example.

“It’s not easy to make a good non-alcoholic wine,” Minogue said. According to the trade fair, the singer has already sold more than eight million bottles of wine, rosé and prosecco under her name. She won a prize with the non-alcoholic sparkling wine.

The world-famous singer revealed that she is very busy with the design of the brand and the wine bottles. “In another life, I might have become a graphic designer,” she said.

According to the market research institute IWSR, the demand for non-alcoholic wines in Germany is increasing. Little or no alcohol is also an important trend at the wine trade fair ProWein. The trade fair organizers have identified an increased health awareness and a changed consumer behavior of the younger generation as drivers of the trend.

“It’s definitely also a growing industry, but that wasn’t what motivated me. I just thought: I want the option – for my friends, family and people who know about my brand,” said Minogue.