“The Bachelors” celebrated the grand finale last Wednesday (March 20) on RTL (also via RTL). Dennis Gries (30) from Allgäu presented his final rose to Katja Gretschuchin (28) from Düsseldorf, and the two are a happy couple today. For Sebastian Klaus (35) from Hamburg, great love didn’t work out with the format. “It was just an incredibly beautiful experience,” he said, looking back positively on his time on the dating show in an interview with spot on news. “Just the fact that you get this opportunity to get to know women on a completely different level was just really cool. And I’m taking a very good friend from the format with me, Dennis.”

He learned from the show “that I should always listen to my heart and I will continue to try to use my head less. And then we’ll see, at some point I’ll come across the right person.” Finalist Larissa Schulte (30) did not end up being his lady of the heart. The candidate caused a stir during the season with harsh words and very clear statements. “She prepared me a bit for it and teased before the broadcast that there would be one or two interviews, which might be a little tougher,” says the “Bachelor”.

“But because it was over for Larissa and me before it was broadcast, I wasn’t quite as emotionally involved anymore and had the certain distance and the necessary distance from it. I just said to myself: Okay, maybe that was it “It’s not that smart to say that on camera or when the microphone is still on. But it was just an extreme situation for everyone and we’re only human. We still keep in touch and get along well.”

Many viewers would have liked a happy ending for the “Bachelor” with runner-up Eva Thümling (28). “My messages are full of them,” explains Sebastian Klaus, laughing. “Yes, Eva and I get along incredibly well because we are just very similar. But my feelings were simply stronger for Larissa and I decided against Eva.” That’s why he wouldn’t try to do anything with Eva again, because I’ve already decided against her once and I couldn’t bring myself to try something just because the whole world would like to see it. Then I am not authentic”.

He met third-placed Kim Komnenic (30) again after filming, “but the second I walked through the door it was clear to me why I had her in the friend zone and continue to have”. And so the single continues to look for his dream woman. “If I come across the right person, I definitely don’t want to close myself off from getting to know that person. But I won’t be downloading dating apps again.” He sees the many messages and “very beautifully written texts” that he received on Instagram as a compliment, “but I’m not going to go through every single message and think about who might be right for me. I’ll just let life go now “Let’s be life.”

For Dennis Gries, however, love worked out after the finale. After another phase of getting to know each other after the show, “The Bachelor” and his Katja have officially been a couple since last Valentine’s Day. “We are very happy and euphoric,” he enthuses when talking about his relationship. “We can’t predict what the next period will bring, so for now we’re just enjoying the most normal things.” His partner adds: “We are very happy to now live in freedom, to no longer have to hide and to do everyday things like driving a car, shopping, going to the gym together or doing something with friends.”

Even the broadcast of the “Bachelors” episodes and the kisses distributed to other women couldn’t change the fact that the two found each other. “I prepared myself for everything,” says Katja. “I knew what was coming, Dennis was very transparent and warned me every week what was coming in the next episode. Afterwards we always talked about it. Of course there were one or two scenes where it wasn’t great to watch that. But that’s what the format brings with it and you have to keep reminding yourself that it’s the past and we are the present and the future counts.” She was initially very reserved and careful in front of the camera, “and was also very careful about what I was doing and didn’t feel so free in front of the camera. It felt wrong to share my private life with the whole of Germany and talk about emotions and “But over time I definitely recognized myself and became more and more relaxed and open.”

Her partner would have liked his portrayal on TV “that perhaps a few more or longer, more in-depth conversations from me would have been shown,” says Dennis Gries. “It always went straight into the kissing scene. Of course, I approached it slowly with normal, long conversations beforehand.”

The long-distance relationship between Allgäu and Düsseldorf works “very well,” the “Bachelor” reveals. “We always take turns and have never had a major gap, a maximum of a week, where we haven’t seen each other.” His partner is certainly enthusiastic about his homeland, but is also attached to her home: “The nature with the lakes and mountains is of course beautiful. The ski area is right around the corner. But I still love North Rhine-Westphalia and the big city too.” She could imagine moving later, “and Munich isn’t that far away.” The “Bachelor” adds: “We’re not putting any pressure on ourselves at the moment. Of course, neither of us are long-distance relationship types and we want to move in together at some point. But we have each other as to where that will be not yet determined.”

Her fans can continue to follow her on Instagram in the future. “We would like to take people with us into our everyday lives and show us how we cook together or do sports,” explains Katja. “People have been excited for such a long time and now of course they want to know what’s going to happen next. That’s why we’re happy to give you an insight,” says Dennis Gries, also motivated when it comes to social media.

And do the “Bachelors” now want a successor for themselves and thus a continuation of the new double version? “The surprise effect is of course gone now,” says Sebastian Klaus. “I wouldn’t want to decide that now because I think it’s very difficult to go one better now. Dennis and I just got along really well.” But now there is the “Golden Bachelor” for singles over 60 anyway, which Dennis Gries thinks is “great”. “This is something completely different and it’s never too late for true love.”