US comedian and actor Kevin Hart (44) was reminded of his age in a painful, but fortunately not seriously dangerous way. As he ruefully reveals on his official Instagram account, he seriously believed that he had to challenge his friend and much younger ex-football professional Stevan Ridley (34) to a race. The consequence: “I’m 44 years old and have to sit on my ass! I’m the dumbest man in the world!” Hart writes about a video in which he sits in a wheelchair.

The fact that he is currently confined to a wheelchair is due to his high spirits of still wanting to do “young man things”. An abdominal muscle injury and torn adductors are the result. He doesn’t know exactly what that is – “but I tore it up”. Having arrived at the bottom of his pants, his conclusion is correspondingly depressing: “Age 40 is real. To all the people out there who are 40 and over – this is not a game, respect this age. Otherwise age will force you to play it to respect.”

In addition to numerous fans, prominent fellow sufferers of the comedian also give comfort in the comment section on Hart’s contribution. Dwayne Johnson (51), for example, who is over 50 himself, writes: “I once tore my adductors off my pelvis in a wrestling match. True story. You’ll get better. You’ll grow a third egg, but you’ll get better. Get well soon!”

Will Smith (54), who will have to blow out 55 candles on the birthday cake next September 25, agrees with the recovery wishes and agrees with Hart: “Getting older is REAL!!”.

Looking at his medical records, Hart’s comedic reaction to the injury that temporarily confined him to a wheelchair is not to be taken for granted. In September 2019, he suffered serious back injuries in a car accident. It was only after lengthy rehabilitation that he was able to walk again without any problems.