After 20 “Lena Lorenz” films, the actress Judith Hoersch already feels very familiar with the work of a midwife. “On the one hand, the “cases” are extremely well researched,” said the 42-year-old actress in a ZDF interview. “I often have to read up on certain topics myself. There is always a specialist on site. A midwife, if necessary also a doctor. After 20 films, I feel like I’m pretty good at the subject.”

In the first few years, she read everything about childbirth preparation and support. “For me, nothing is worse than when it looks wrong. At that time I also did an internship in the maternity ward.”

Then she became a mother herself. “In the meantime, there are also some midwives in the circle of friends. On the set, the midwife recently said: “Judith, if you feel like it anymore, come to us, right – we always need a good midwife.” It was a joke, but I was happy nonetheless.” The first of five new “Lena Lorenz” episodes was on the program for Thursday evening (8:15 p.m.) on ZDF. The entire season of the series is available in the ZDF media library.