The American actor John Malkovich thinks about the time of the corona pandemic with negative feelings. “I don’t know if we’re ready to look back,” said the 69-year-old in an interview with the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.

“It may not have been a glorious time for science and governments, but it was a glorious time for hysteria. It wasn’t a glorious time for the media either, not a glorious time for the media at all. And it was a bad time for it People who were deprived of their freedom. Total mismanagement and chaos. A bad time all round.”

In the interview, Malkovich was also critical of political orders. For example, he does not vote because the system in the USA is “corrupt, pointless”. In response to the question of how people dealt with the impermanence of life, he said: “Human beings need structure and something like order. But these social orders are not particularly satisfying for most inhabitants of the planet… It’s just difficult not to be disappointed.”

As an actor, Malkovich not only works in cinema films, but also repeatedly on theatrical stages and in other projects. He can currently be seen as a philosopher in Robert Schwentke’s “Seneca – Or: About the Birth of Earthquakes” in German cinemas.