US pop star Aaron Carter (1987-2022) drowned in his bathtub after taking drugs. The death is classified as an accident, reports the “New York Post”, citing the responsible forensic medicine, which has now announced the official cause of death. The younger brother of Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter (43) died on November 5, 2022. He was found dead at his home in Lancaster, California by a housekeeper.

According to media reports, the autopsy has now revealed that Carter drowned as a result of the effects of the sedatives he had taken and the gas he had inhaled. It is said that alprazolam was found in his body. The drug is used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. In addition, difluoroethane was detected in him – a gas that “can cause feelings of euphoria when inhaled,” as was further reported.

Aaron Carter’s mother, Jane Carter, spoke up on Facebook in March, speculating that her son might have been murdered. At the time, she denounced that the fact that her son had a history of addiction meant that other circumstances were never investigated.

Even after the official autopsy report, no peace seems to be returning. According to the US celebrity portal “TMZ”, Aaron Carter’s ex-fiancée Melanie Martin, who has a son with the singer, is said to have said: “The results of the autopsy are not a conclusion for me.” The fact that he wore a T-shirt and necklace in the bath “makes no sense,” she says. She was “still shocked and misses Aaron every day”. The report only raised further questions for them. Carter and Martin’s child was born in November 2021.