The largest bullring in the world is left without the bullfighting show that made the joy of Mexican fans. The Plaza de México will not have more bullfights due to the definitive suspension by order of a judge.

The bullfighting authorities that manage the emblematic square have indicated that they will exhaust all legal instances in “defense of Mexican customs and traditions.” Bullfighting, as happened in La Monumental, is in mourning again and the First District Court in administrative matters of Mexico City ordered this definitive suspension of bullfights and bullfights.

From the plaza they stated: “Mexico is proudly the largest plaza in the world, trusts that bullfighting will continue to provide jobs and forge our entity

, always attached to and respecting the rights and preferences of each person and away from individualistic visions that affect our traditions and cultural values”, he pointed out.

Through a statement, he expressed that he will defer the bullfights that he had scheduled, but warned that he will continue with the legal defense of Mexican customs and traditions. The instances can be exhausted and it is that there is a resource that can take months. Up to ten days there is an allegation that can reverse the situation. But, the delay in Mexican justice is usually common, then until it is resolved, bullfighting shows cannot be held.

Once again the dilemma of bullfighting yes, bullfighting does not become a political weapon that already happened in Barcelona. Some intellectuals such as Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo and Albert Boadella stood out from the forum ‘Conversations from the catacomb’, the most famous fair in our country. The deputy for Barcelona expressed her opinion in some accurate statements: «The bulls are part of a plural space but the politicization that has occurred has more to do with the hatred of Spanish and with a reactionary vision of the left that seeks to prohibit everything that which does not fit with his puerile and almost Disney vision of the world». In this sense, she recalled that “the right to offend and to be offended is part of a plural and tolerant society.”

Relating these concepts to bullfighting, Albert Boadella stated that «it is a miracle that bulls are still in force. Now art is accepted as a form of consumption. In this society there is a feeling of innocence towards art».

Let us remember that Mexico City is governed by Claudia Sheinbaum, related to the presidential party of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who governs with the Greens, the precursors who have carried out this denunciation that has concluded with the closure of the largest square in the world.

It should be noted that the same thing happened in Cancun, which has not resumed the celebrations of disparate events in the Plaza del Zócalo in which there was a simulation of San Fermines where more than 40 spectators were injured after the first minutes of the attacks.