The YouTuber Jake Paul was accused of trespassing and unlawful Assembly during the unrest in a shopping center in Arizona.

property damage in the amount of several million dollars

The local police had received some 100 information about Paul’s presence at the riots. How the British TV channel “BBC” reported, denies the 23-Year-old for his involvement in the looting or vandalism in the Mall in Scottsdale on Sunday. At least 20 people had been arrested in the incident. The property damage is estimated at several million dollars. According to police, several Thousand dollars were seized in stolen property.

In a statement on Thursday, the police expressed Scottsdale, in the framework of the investigation”, it was confirmed that Jake Paul was present and in the shopping center remained, after the Assembly was declared unlawful”.

“charge me and let’s get back to George Floyd focus”

the facts of The case of the YouTuber referred on the same day on his Twitter channel: “Accuses me and let’s get the focus back to George Floyd and ‘Black Lives Matter’ place”.

earlier he had made a Statement to the photos and Videos that show him allegedly Participating in the riots: “Neither I nor anyone in our group was involved in the looting or vandalism. We have filmed everything, what we have seen, to share our experiences. We wanted to draw attention to the anger that we have experienced have travelled to every place we.“

violence, looting or breaches of the Law, he would not tolerate under any circumstances. “However, I can understand the anger and Frustration that led to the destructions that we observed. This is not the answer, but it is important that people see this and find out together how we can make the healthy way”, he tweeted further.

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