go to The a few-day-old son of the woman, it is however better, said the spokesman continues. “The condition of the child is stable and it is on the mend.”

warrant of arrest for attempted manslaughter investigation against the alleged father

The crying Baby in the night to Saturday – wrapped in a cut off pant leg, and a sweater – by a passerby in some bushes have been found. The child was severely hypothermic. The tracks, the mother had brought the child in close proximity to the walkway to the world.

From the mother initially lacked any trace. According to a note from your known circle, the 26-Year-old was taken in the night to Sunday. Prosecutor Axel Bieler said to “picture”: “A judge issued an arrest warrant for attempted manslaughter, dangerous bodily harm and abuse of wards.

in the Meantime, had reported a man to police, “indicating to be the father.” Against him an investigation would be considered for abandonment.

Young governess was in “exceptional circumstances”

According to the magazine, it should be the young wife of a teacher. In the night of the birth she complained of abdominal pain and then went for a walk. The location of the infant was not far from her apartment. Why you left the kid lying there, it was necessary to clarify now. Bieler said: “We now allow a psychiatric evaluation of the woman to create. It is clear that she was in an exceptional situation.”

The Baby would now be expected to remain for a few days in the hospital. As the youth welfare office in Norderstedt will take care of the young. Whether it will come with Relatives or a foster family, is a spokesman for the city of Norderstedt that are still open. “Employees of the youth welfare office are in direct contact with the Doctors. We are in the test procedure, as for mother and child can go.”

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