On Isarufer in the amount of Farchet are advised at the weekend, two women in the hair – quite literally. Now the police are looking for witnesses.

Wolfratshausen – Two Times are escalated last weekend in Wolfratshausen disputes in such a way that the police had to deal with it. As police chief Commissioner Klaus high rider transmits, delivered on Saturday at about 17.30 on Isarufer, height Farchet, two women, a struggle that ended in a scuffle. What was the dispute, is unknown. One of the two Parties, a wolfratsha userin (41), came on the evening of the inspection and report. Therefore, your opponent, various items wolfratsha userin have thrown into the water, insulted and even spat upon. Through the tussle the wolfratsha userin suffered slight bruising to the arms. Witnesses are asked to contact the police by dialing 0 81 71/4 21 10.

On Sunday, shortly after midnight, it came at a private Ceremony in Wolfratshausen to a brawl among the young guests. A wolfratshauser (23) suffered serious injuries and fractures in the face. Responsible for it should have been, according to initial findings two young wolfratshauser at the age of 19 and 21 years of age. There are, however, indications that the Aggression of the injured ran out.

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For the police, it was spread anything other than a simple application: The attempt of the officials to separate the counterparty spatially, and fought back to be brought hurt wolfratshauser to the forces and had to “ground,” as it says in the police report. A police officer wounded slightly. In the connection of the unruly was a young man because of the severe facial injuries to the hospital. The police is now trying to determine the exact sequence of events. In addition, violations of the current contact to be tested limitations.