a properly functioning washing machine for a long time to work properly, it should be cleaned regularly. A woman has discovered a special Trick for yourself.

A woman wanted to your dirty detergent compartment cleaning . To do this, you used a cleaner, which she already had at home. How your Trick works, betrayed them later on the Internet.

If it is from the washing machine – in particular, the detergent drawer slowly, musty smells*, it’s time to treat yourself to a cleanse. Many possibilities to offer: In the drugstore, the shelves are full of cleansers, the cleaning, the washing machine, descaling and odors free. Sometimes a few home remedies to get the matter in the grip or a little creativity, but it is not enough.

washing machine clean: a woman has a snout full of a musty detergent compartment – this is your Secret tip

A woman shared, for example, some time ago a Trick on Facebook, which arrived in many users well. They swore on the application of an auxiliary agent which is normally intended for another use in the household – because of its diversity, but not infrequently also in other Places will be used: It is a commercially available detergent .

Accordingly, you cleaned your dirty detergent compartment first with washing-up liquid before you missed him then, with two in-house funds, the finishing touch: “I have used bicarbonate of soda* white vinegar* to remove all of the odors,” it says, according to the Express. Both of these are distributed with an old toothbrush in the detergent compartment to get at the tricky Spots. Then she advised to the tray with hot water to wash / rinse before the washing machine is used again.

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On Facebook showed the reader from the Trick, especially because the Bathing pictures of your detergent compartment in the Before and After condition divided . The difference is clear to see: In the first picture, the black spots adhere to the surfaces of the partition, while it emits in the second flowers in. “Wow, great job,” says a user of it. “My detergent compartment looks like yours before you cleaned it. I put on my To-do list.”

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