warning, Spoiler! Candidate pulls out after three days from “the summer house” from

Monday, 8. June, 11: 00 am: Only at the 4. June, the eight celebrity moved in couples in “the summer house of the Stars”. After only three days, the first adopted, but again: It-Girl and Ex-“Bachelor”contestant Georgina Fleur (30) and her fiance, entrepreneur Kubilay Özdemir (41), Packed their suitcase. The RTL announced weeks before the broadcast of the new season of the Reality Show. The home is in this fifth season, however, significantly shorter than in years past: Corona-caused the couple do not live in Portugal, but on a farm in North Rhine-Westphalia, Bocholt.

The Couple is supposed to have according to RTL so hard with the other residents argued that they moved to the shortest time voluntarily depart from that place. It should be the first public appearance of Georgina Fleur and her husband in spe. For the past two years, the former “Bachelor”contestant and Ex-jungle camper and the entrepreneurs are in a relationship, the beginning of 2019, you have engaged in.

it is Possible that Georgina and Kubilay, the Ex-“Bachelor”contestant Evanthia Benetatou and her fiance moved into the summer house. TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius Georgina Fleur Has left, “The summer home of the Stars” again?

will also be a “Bachelor”-Evanthia Benetatou?

Saturday, 6. June: Apparently also Evanthia Benetatou (27) and her fiance Chris to move in as a latecomer to this year’s “summer home of the Stars” from RTL. The image was reported””. The possibility exists in any case, had RTL in demand but after the announcement of eight confirmed pairs: “Who pulls yet? Which will fly first? Who keeps the nerves? Those who master the games on the best and protects from the nomination?”

These celebrity couples are

Thursday, 4. June: Soon eight celebrity couples make their way to the “summer home of the Stars”. RTL would like to ask, in spite of the Corona-crisis once again, the relationships of the participants in the sample. The couples pull together in a house and must fight a duel in all sorts of varied Play. The winner of the title “The celebrity couple to 2020” and 50,000 Euro beckons. The transmitter has now been officially announced on his Homepage, who is going to participate this time. TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius the participants of The new season of “the summer home of the Stars”.

“American idol”singer Annemarie Eilfeld (30). with her boyfriend Tim to move in, the will celebrate, according to the station his first TV appearance Also pack a suitcase actress Diana Herold (46) and her husband Michael, as well as Reality Star Georgina Fleur (30) and her fiance Kubilay Özdemir. The “Goodbye Germany!” well-known Caro and Andreas Robens, the former “Bachelor”contestant Denise Kappés and Henning Merten, the singing Duo The Pharos consisting of Martin Bolze and his wife, Michaela Scherer, as well as the YouTube couples Lisha and Lou are at the Start.

And with this Couple was thinking of no one: How to “image” from production circles, know want, are Ex-TV-“the Bachelor” Andrej Mangold (31) and season-winner and girlfriend Jennifer is the surprise candidate of this year’s “summer house. “

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