Four politicians had reportedly plans to conquer the military installations with the aim to “destabilise this christmas”.

Venezuela’s legislative assembly has on Monday decided to provide four opposition politicians to court. They are accused of, among other things, treason and conspiracy.

The four politicians and their parties reject that they should have broken the law.

They believe that the charges are yet another attempt by president Nicolas Maduro and his government to split the opposition and weaken the elected parliament.

the Opposition has a majority in parliament, but has been deprived of a large part of its power in recent years.

the Parliament is headed by Juan Guaidó, who has proclaimed himself president. He is recognized by a number of countries. Also Denmark recognized the beginning of the year Guaidó as the president of Venezuela.

In 2017, parliament was replaced by a legislative assembly, where 545 members are Maduro supporters. It is this assembly that will now make the four politicians of the right.

the Assembly adopted Monday unanimously that a trial will begin.

It was the Venezuelan supreme court, which had requested the assembly to initiate a lawsuit. The court also consists of people who support the president.

It is not immediately clear when the trial begins.

the chief Prosecutor Tarek Saab says in a message to the four politicians – Jorge Millan, Hernan Aleman, Carlos Lozano and Luis Stefanelli – had plans to conquer the military installations with the aim to “destabilise this christmas”.

Venezuelan authorities are investigating also Juan Guaidó and will possibly launch a lawsuit against him.

Several other politicians have been stripped of their parliamentary immunity.

According to the Guaidó is about 30 elected politicians are either in jail, fled the country or have sought refuge in one of the foreign embassies in Venezuela.