“Valorant” leaves the Beta Phase and is soon to play for everyone. Riot Games has a surprise announcement for a very early Release.

“Valorant” is a tactical Shooter video game “League of Legends”, the creators of. The access to the Closed Beta are limited. Developer Riot Games has announced a Release date, the game is accessible to all.

Many “Valorant”Fans have eagerly been waiting for, that you can participate in the Closed Beta of the new tactical shooter from Riot Games. But the additions are limited* and not everyone was able to test the game until now. For many “Valorant”Fans Riot Games has a good message. The developers have surprisingly announced the Release of the full version and the start date is very soon.

“Valorant”: tactical Shooter by Riot Games soon to play for everyone

Accordingly, Valorant* “” appears already on 2. June 2020 . Many are expecting, rather with a later Release, because Riot said it, to publish the Shooter in the summer. Soon can plunge so everyone in the tactical battles “Valorant”. The Beta Phase will end on 28. May*, therefore the game will not be for a few days to play.

After the Release of the full version is planned to add some new content . In the press release of Riot, it is said that, among other things, a new game mode , a Map and additional Agent into the game. In the months after that, more and more new content is on the way. Contrary to the current Trend to Battle Royale Valorant omitted “” in the popular mode – this will eventually be integrated, is not excluded, however.

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“Valorant” is a free Free2Play game

The tactical Shooter is a Free2Play-game . This means that the titles can be completely downloaded for free and played. In the in-game Shop for cosmetic items can be purchased for real money – for example, new Designs for weapons.

To Play we need a Riot account . In addition, the Anti-Cheat program must be installed Vanguard and activated, to be able to “Valorant” play. This last, however, the criticism*, because it engages deep into the operating systems of the users, but Riot is working on it, the Tool on the basis of the points of criticism of the players to adapt.

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