Sweden’s Friday night hit of several shootings. Three people are brought to hospital with bullet or stab wounds.

at Least three people are injured after multiple shootings in Sweden on Friday night.

Two people are taken to hospital with gunshot wounds after a shooting in Västerås, about 110 kilometres northwest of Stockholm.

It is unknown how serious their injuries are. It writes the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

In Sollentuna, 20 kilometres north of Stockholm, moved to the Swedish police after a report of who had fired the shot.

When officers arrived, they found a man in 30’s with stab wounds.

the Police will provide to Aftonbladet, that the authorities are looking for one or more perpetrators.

In Uppsala, about 70 kilometers north of Stockholm, was shot through the window of an apartment. However, none of the persons who were in the house, hit.

It is unclear how many shots were fired, but according to the police, there is talk of more.

Police are investigating the incident in Uppsala as attempted murder. Also no one is arrested in this case. It writes the Norwegian news agency NTB.

Also on Friday evening, police were in Vänersborg, which is approximately 90 kilometers north of Gothenburg, were attacked by young people with rockets. And in Gothenburg were thrown stones at the police.

– They have shot rockets, both against us and against the other, ” says ring-leader Morten Gunneng to Göteborgs-Posten.

In total there was around 30 young people aged between 15 and 25 years involved in the riots. At least three are arrested for disturbing the public order.

Earlier Friday evening was also the police in Lövgärdet area to the north of Göteborg attacked by people who threw stones.

Sweden has been badly plagued by shootings in the recent past.

As late as the night of Thursday last week the police received an alarm call at 01.20 on a shooting at a nightclub. When a patrol arrived, took cops two badly wounded men, both died of their injuries.

Both men were in the 40s.

Multiple windows in a restaurant was shot in pieces at the shooting, but no other persons came something to.

the Shooting was the second in the course of the last week.

A 25-year-old man was on Monday 2. december evening shot in Malmö. He died subsequent the death.

Police have arrested a suspect. It writes the Swedish news agency TT.

Malmö has the most recent time had big problems with shootings related to gang neighborhoods of north west in the southern Swedish town.