Numerous statues in the United States in honor of controversial historical figures. The works of art come to the attention of the protests due to the death of George Floyd.

The protests due to the death of George Floyd reach a new level. Statues of politicians and generals of the former Confederate States of America in the criticism. U.S. President Donald Trump* granted, meanwhile, is a renaming of military bases a cancellation.

Washington – The protests due to the death of the African-American George Floyd is not ebbing. Since his violent death by police officers mass held protests against systematic racism across the country and around the world. Now the protests have reached a new level – a level of cultural memory.

culture of remembrance in the USA: statues in the target of the protests

The symbolic capacity of many monuments, which are often white slave holder represent, in the conflict in a decisive and supporting role. the Nancy Pelosi , speaker of the US house of representatives, called for the removal of eleven statues in the capital city of Washington. The statues represent eleven soldiers and representatives from the American civil war (1861-1865) resulting Confederate States of America, would not be represented according to Pelosis opinion, the highest values of the United States of America. “Your statues are a tribute to the hate, not the heritage,” said Pelosi in a letter to Congress. The men had been for “cruelty and barbarism”.

one of the statues is the Statue of Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederate States of America, or his Deputy, Alexander Stephens, among others. Also a Statue of the military strategists, and Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee is there.

the participants of The protests seen in the statues of a buffer for their anger. On Wednesday, a Statue of Christopher Columbus has been beheaded reports in a Park of Boston, according to local media. Following the incident, Boston mayor Marty Walsh announced to the Rest of the monument of America’s discoverer break down. Critics and historians see Christopher Columbus and the transatlantic slave trade is a direct connection. In addition, his violence is criticized active action against native Americans.

protests due to the death of George Floyd: the statues of mined

U.S. President Donald Trump rejected meanwhile, demands for renaming of U.S. military bases. It is a question of bases, which are named after military leaders of the Confederate generals during the American civil war.

“This is a monumental and powerful support points have become part of a great American heritage and a history of victory and of freedom. Therefore, my government will think about the renaming of this magnificent military facilities,“ said Trump on Twitter. Ten bases of the U.S. army are named after generals of the southern States. The retired General David Petraeus had demanded, the bases not rename, because the name-giver served nowadays as a “source of Inspiration”.

Marvin Ziegele

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