president of the UNITED states, Donald Trump, says that the UNITED states and China “very soon” to sign the first phase of a trade agreement.

“We have just achieved a breakthrough in relation to the trade agreement, and we will sign it very soon,” said Trump during an event in Florida on the night of Sunday, Danish time.

This writes the news agency Reuters.

the trade agreement to end the 18-month-long trade dispute between the two economic powers.

last week, it sounded so also from the UNITED states trade representative, that only lacked minor adjustments of the first phase of the trade agreement, before it could be signed.

the USA’s secretary of commerce, Steven Mnuchin, said – also last week – that the agreement would be signed in the beginning of January.

Delaftalen was first announced 13. december of Trump, who at the same time announced that the agreement meant that the new tariffs on chinese goods would not be introduced in december.

the Agreement implies that China immediately begin to buy u.s. agricultural products.

When the first phase of the agreement is signed, has Trump announced that the negotiations on the next phase of the trade agreement will be initiated immediately.

China has according to Bloomberg News announced that the phase-two negotiations depends on the implementation of the phase-one agreement.

Handelskrisen is started, after Trump was installed as president in 2016.

Trump has called China’s trade surplus with the UNITED states for “the biggest theft in history” and criticised its predecessors in order to let it grow.

A trade deficit is when a country imports goods and services of a higher value than it exports.

Handelskrisen has led to the UNITED states and China, for months, have exchanged new tariffs between the two countries.