Travis Scott x McDonald’s? A great Surprise this is… You can say that there is hardly a hotter Partner for Cross-over collaborations in the area of pop culture as Travis Scott. The Rapper – also known as La Flame, which has developed in the last few years, one of the most successful sizes in the Hip-Hop Business, is for a Long time, both as a Muse of the street-wear giants, as well as the High-Fashion label known. He had already collaborated with Nike on some of the hottest Sneaker Drops of the year 2020 and served as both Virgil Abloh as well as Kim Jones for Dior as Inspiration. And so, McDonald’s? (Also read: Hip-Hop Superstar Travis Scott – the all-rounder)

Travis Scott x McDonald’s: the Streetwear could-appeared collection

the rumour about the possible cooperation, like so many, first on Twitter. Streetwear the Insider “Preme Profits” published Details about a proposed collaboration in the area of clothes and accessories between the world’s largest Fast-Food chain and the Rapper from Houston, Texas. And also the Release date of it already seems to be, as the Posting shows. In the Tweet, it says: “There are rumors that the collaboration of Travis Scott with McDonald’s is planned for September. Sorry, there are no Sneaker will come out of clothing. The Marketing should start soon.”

not collected No Premiere for both: Travis Scott, and McDonald’s already have experience in this area

For Travis Scott it is the first collaboration with a food chain. Already in 2019 La Flame and the confectionery manufacturer “Reese’s brought out” in the USA, a limited edition of a pack of “Reese’s Puffs”, the “Travis Scott’s Reese’Puffs”. And even MacDonald’s has already collected experience in the field of Fashion and launched in December 2019, its first-Print-fashion collection. (Also interesting: Travis Scott – this Bugatti Chiron is a birthday gift for him)

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in General, such Overlap in pop culture now no longer a rarity and are both in the music business as well as large companies to the Marketing strategy. The private fashion label is for the Stars virtually a Must and often enough, the musicians appear in the Form of concerts, but also in video games, like Travis Scott in April 2020 or Diplo in may 2020 in the case of “Fortnite”.

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