in Spite of all the care of lime deposits form in the toilet? Of course this is annoying – but should not be permanent. A woman revealed to your Trick.

limescale in the toilet can not always be avoided and sometimes “inherits” it from the previous owners. So it was with a woman, who for months tried to remove the deposits in the toilet. However, all Scrubbing and the use of various cleaning agents simply did not want to be bearing fruit. Not even bleach was going to give the toilet its old glory back until she heard in a Podcast of a Secret tip.

toilet cleaning: woman makes on this brilliant Trick against deposits to the attention of

“ever Since I moved in front of one and a half years in my new house, have annoyed me to the toilets. I guess the previous owner did not clean the Toilet! I’ve tried everything, scrubbing, bleaching,” explains the woman your Problem in the Facebook group “Extreme Couponing and Bargains in the UK” in the User-saving tips to share with each other. “The last time I calculated prices for the new toilets, plumbing and new floors, because the state of the toilets just had to change .”

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the salvation came In an episode of the podcast “Older and wider” of the comedienne Jenny Eclair and the producer Judith Holder with the TV personality Aggie Mackenzie as a guest you heard of a useful Trick: These included a pumice stone .

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made The desperate woman then immediately set to work and scrubbed with a pumice stone that you bought in the pharmacy, to the lime deposits in the toilet – with success. “He scratched nothing and makes no harm,” she asserts in her post on Facebook that has since been commented on 5,000 Times liked and 1,700 Times, such as the Online Portal, the Daily Star reported. “Put on you rubber gloves and go scrub it from time to time. It is eco-friendly.” Their own success, the woman presented with a photo:

in fact the porous stone can’t hurt in the toilet, as the Portal Laundry-confirmed wash. This is because it’s softer than ceramic, but harder than the limescale . So still no scratches, you should moisten the pumice stone prior to application with water and then the affected areas RUB. Pumice is particularly suitable for stubborn deposits – the popular house means nothing, you can grab him. After the roughening of the lime give it a vinegar-based cleaner on it and the deposits should quickly be history.

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