you use for cleaning your toilet, expensive, chemical cleaner? This is not necessary, because there is a home remedy that works just as well.

The cleaning the toilet is a particularly unpleasant task in the household. In order to prevent deposits and urine stone, but you should do on a regular basis. An unknown agent can help you.

you Would have thought it? Washing powder is suitable not only to clean the dirty Laundry. Quite the contrary: The agent is in the budget at many stations not applicable.

how to clean your toilet with washing powder

An example of the toilet is: Instead of using expensive cleaning agents, you can faithful just a little bit of washing powder in the toilet one, and with a brush RUB. This can be easily fixed deposits the seat , such as urine stone or limestone, to remove. If you are with the Scrubbing done, it will be easy again and flushed the toilet shines like new again.

washing powder is a multi-talent

washing powder also can be used in the bathroom, to clean the silicone joints. You can RUB in as well as the toilet and then let it dry. Another Trick for sparkling white grout can also be found here.

tip : not to stress the skin to much with the funds, you should always wear rubber gloves.

Now it’s your turn: Which is your favorite?

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Franziska Kaindl

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