Who has a tumble dryer, your Laundry will inevitably become Dry. However, many make a mistake that costs you money.

then you Would have known? Whoever his Laundry “incorrectly” dries, risking the formation of mold in the apartment and an empty wallet. Because Laundry is not Laundry the same: The moisture content plays a big role.

error when drying Laundry: it costs real money

a Lot of people make when Washing their dirty Laundry a fatal mistake: they spin at a low level, because they think to save power.

But the opposite is the case, as Rainer Stamminger, Professor of household and process engineering at the University of Bonn, and white: “Each load of wet Laundry brings three to four litres of evaporation water with it”, the expert said, compared to the Portal Stylebook.de. And the more moist the Laundry is, the more water must evaporate.

Who a load of Laundry on the Laundry rack to dry increases the humidity of the room by up to 30 percent – great conditions for mold of any kind. must Anyone heat wants to take a mold, as dry, warm air can hold more moisture. And that is more money than a reduced Spin speed.

“the drier the clothes from the machine, the better,” , think of the Laundry expert, and therefore advises always to fling at the highest level – or to leave in the sun to dry.

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Andrea Stettner

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