In the month of February was a now 30-year-old Norwegian man arrested and charged for the death of his own mother. Now reveal the police a possible motive.

According to the Newspaper believe the police, that the son beat his mother to death because she discovered that he had incurred a massive debt in her name.

In total, the 30-year-old man have taken consumer loans in a total of 1.2 million Norwegian kroner, which is equivalent to around 880.000 Danish kroner.

the Killing took place in the district of Alna in the north-eastern part of Oslo at the end of February.

It was the son himself, who called for an ambulance, and it was only him and the mother, who was present in the apartment when the police came.

Neyine There was performed first aid on the spot, but the woman was pronounced dead an hour later.

last week was the 30-year-olds pre-trial detention extended, and it was here that the Newspaper got the insight of a court order, which shows that the man before the killing had written under several loans in his mother’s name.

the Warrant also shows that police are in possession of text messages from the mother to the son, in which she expresses suspicion of the debt.

Politiadvokat Børge Enoksen confirming the information to the Norwegian media, but says it is still too early to determine the motive.

“the Police have reason to believe that there may have been a financial dispute between the two parties, which may have led to the emergence of a situation,” he says.

He says, moreover, that the accused has been questioned, but that he refuses to testify on the economic aspect.

“General, he wishes not to answer our questions about the economy. It is too early to notice that he has a gambling problem, but there is no evidence in the case, which has led to this is one of our hypotheses.”