seek out His watch to match the car, is Testament to true Passion and dedication for the new set of wheels, which of course is a lot more to it than that. He is in some manufacturers, the commitment to a philosophy of a brand and much more a cult object than just mere means of transport. For hardly a model that applies as much as for the Land Rover Defender, 1997-set, and, in the meantime, cult friend, the indestructible Ur-Off-Roaders.

watches novelty 2020: The Defy 21 Land Rover Edition of Zenith

The re-edition and launch of the new “Landy” is the eagerly-awaited Motor-News 2020. In terms of a limited and soon to be ultra-sought-after Limited Editions, the watches industry this year could be the “Defy 21 Land Rover Edition” of the Zenith the big thing, because of the similar sturdy, and timeless designed watch model, there are, unfortunately, only 250 copies in the world. (Also read: Rolex as a store of Value – these models are especially rewarding)

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Zenith and Land Rover: a collaboration with history

in 1972, John Blashford-led Snell to Colombia, a passionate adventurer and inventor of the white-water rafting, an Expedition through the Isthmus of Darién in Panama at the border. The inhospitable swamp land is also known as the Darien Gap is known, and constitutes a difficult to overcome at the end of 90-kilometre-long gap in the otherwise completely drivable Panamericana.

His vehicle was a Land Rover, as a timepiece for the Expedition, he wore a Zenith watch on your wrist. It was the beginning of a connection of this two brands, which continues to this day.

But there is still more that connects the Zenith to the Land Rover 1969 Land Rover introduced the Range Rover the first prototype for a luxury car. In the same year, Zenith introduced its legendary El-Primero movement, a high-frequency calibre, which is used until today. Together, Zenith and Land Rover have found for the first time in 2016, with the El Primero Range Rover Special Edition with a case made of aluminum and ceramic.

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in the new Land Rover watch from Zenith:

The Defy 21 is now the Fourth collaboration of these two iconic brands. In your the ultra-ticking, of course, precise El Primero movement. The automatic El Primero 9004 is a 1/100-second Chronograph with 50-hour power reserve, the – can for the first time in this caliber on a linear power reserve window on the dial followed.

The 44-mm case in micro-blasted titanium absorbs angles of light from all Incident so that the faceted surfaces come out better. In combination with the matching grey dial, it looks especially cool. Gerry McGovern, the creative Director of Land Rover, said: “For the next Chapter of our partnership with Zenith, we wanted to create a timepiece that captures the essence of the new Land Rover Defender: modern, durable, and full of advantages. With the subtle Details that bring the character of the new Defender to the expression, this is for me the best time of the knife, we have jointly developed with Zenith.“

This can be seen especially in the case of the anthracite-coloured, faceted and coated with Super-LumiNova®SLN C3 coated hands. A particularly subtle Detail is built on the back of the clock, here, the housing was inspired by the rims of the new Landy. A choice of two bracelets: the “Adventure” made of grey rubber and a “Country” with textile effect. The price is 13.900 Swiss francs, if you get another one.

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