President Macron denounced French colonialism during a visit in côte d’ivoire, a former French colony.

the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, calls colonialism the “a serious mistake”.

he said Saturday in a speech during a visit in côte d’ivoire is a former French colony. The speech was held in the country’s largest city, Abidjan.

at the same time, he invites to “start a new chapter” in the relationship between France and côte d’ivoire.

Macron said in the speech, that France is often considered as a country that has a “hegemonic (dominant, red.) view”.

– It, which came with colonialism, was a serious mistake and the republic (the French, ed.) the fault, it sounded far from Macron.

During the French presidential election in 2017 created Macron touch, when he said that France’s colonisation of Algeria was “a crime against human rights”.

Saturday stressed Macron during the visit in côte d’ivoire thus, his views on colonialism, while at the same time he urged to look to the future.

côte d’ivoire’s president, Alassane Outtara, was standing at the Macrons side during the speech. The write media The Australian.

the President announced here a “historic” reform of the country’s franskstøttede currency, the CFA Franc.

the Currency was established in 1945 in several former French colonies in western and central Africa.

From next year will møntfodens name be changed, and French officials will resign from the country’s legislative institutions, said Outtara according to The Australian.

The currency will, however, continue to be determined in relation to the euro, in order to ensure the stability, assured the president.

Macron welcomed the reform, and praised the increased financial and economic autonomy in the region.

I come from a generation which has not experienced colonialism, so let us break the connection (to the past, ed.), he said.

at the same time, he stressed that The current currency of many young people in the country are seen as a relic from the colonial era.