Russia and China will not have delivered humanitarian aid from Iraq over the border to Syria, but only from Turkey.

the UNITED states secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, believes that Russia and China have blood on your hands.

he said Saturday, after the two countries vetoed a resolution from the UN security council to deliver humanitarian aid from Turkey and Iraq into across the border to Syria.

Russia and China’s veto is shameful. You have chosen to take a political stance with this blockage.

– you have blood on your hands, says Pompeo in a press release.

Russia’s veto was the country’s 14. in the UN security council since the beginning of the conflict in Syria in 2011.

the Resolution was put forward by Belgium, Kuwait and Germany. It would have allowed humanitarian aid over the border to Syria for a further 12 months from two sites in Turkey and one in Iraq.

But Russia, which is Syria’s allies, will only allow humanitarian aid from Turkey’s border, and only in the coming six months. Therefore, the country has made a new draft.

While Russia and China vetoed, voted the 13 other countries in the UN security council.

It requires a minimum of nine votes for a resolution being voted through, and no vetoes from Russia, the UNITED states, the united kingdom or France.

– the UNITED states will continue to strive to help those without voices, the hungry, the orphans and refugees to get the humanitarian aid they need to survive, regardless of where they live, says Mike Pompeo.

the united nations has ago 2014 delivered humanitarian aid over the border to Syria from Turkey, Iraq and Jordan.

The current agreement expires 10. January.