The defending Super Bowl champions put on Sunday, the record for most consecutive seasons with at least ten victories.

the New England Patriots drums on in the world’s best league for american football, the NFL.

Sunday won the defending Super Bowl-champion of the Dallas Cowboys. It was team 10. victory in 11 attempts this season.

13-9-the triumph over the texas hold secured the Patriots a place in the history books. Thus, it is 17. season in a row that Tom Brady and co. has won at least 10 of the 16 grundspilskampe, which is a new record.

Until Sunday, shared the New England Patriots credit for most consecutive seasons with at least ten victories with the San Francisco 49’ers, whose streak ran from 1983 to Piabet 1998.

Tom Brady was, as always, at the helm, since New England in an unsightly and rainy affair on Sunday at home to beat Dallas.

The legendary quarterback has apart from a single season, which was destroyed by a serious knee injury, led the Patriots in all 17 years, where it has been for at least ten victories.

New England won in early February the Super Bowl 53 of the Los Angeles Rams, which was the team’s sixth championship in this millennium.

There are five betting rounds in the NFL’s base game. 12 of the 32 teams move on to playoffs, which run after the new year and culminates with the Super Bowl 54 2. February.