At the initiative of winegrowers Occitania members of Vinifilles, one of nine regional associations of winegrowers grouped together within the circle, Women of Wine, winemakers and restaurateurs have joined forces to offer the ” From the bottle to the plate “. An operation and solidarity that allows wine lovers to receive a discount voucher worth 30 € for any purchase of wine in the properties, a minimum amount of 140 €. This discount is to be deducted from your next meal, by the end of the year, in one of the restaurants participating in the operation.

Elise Renaud, the domain Salel and Renaud, located in the vineyard of ardèche, is a part of the project and explains the philosophy : “we need to find ways to renew the momentum, where the idea of this operation, the winemakers are funding nearly two-thirds of the purchase order, the idea is to sponsor some sort of restorers, these are all customers of the growers including those in the regions where there are no vineyards… We can give a momentum, a lot of people are not gone this year, but they are all the same holidays, so they are organized differently, we see them back in our areas, I am impressed, more, at home, we do not pass by chance, it must come with the express, the average basket is higher than last year. “

Mutual aid and solidarity

Created in 2009, the circle of the Women of Wine is comprised of nine regional associations and approximately 250 members. It brings together the women of the wine associations Aliénor du vin de Bordeaux ; Stars in Beaujolais ; Women and Wines of Burgundy ; Women Vignes Rhône ; Éléonores of Provence ; Vinifilles (Occitania) ; the divine of Alsace ; SO Wife & Wine (South-West) and Fa bullous (Champagne). Their goal : to share information of technical, commercial or legal, thus allowing for mutual assistance and solidarity and engage in the ministerial bodies or government, as in business organisations. The circle Women’s Wine wishes to convey the culture of wine through education, information and education in a moderate consumption. A first action will be the organization of a national day of ‘School-in-harvest” in the fall.

Information on the operation Of the bottle to the plate ” : (circle Women of wine :

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