the heart of the panel Erding is secured: The Rotary Club supports the club with 10 000 euros in the purchase of a new refrigerated van.

Erding–For the past ten years, the Board Erding helps those in need. Each week provides you about 150 collectors with food. Of them, their families benefit, so that, on average, 300 people can be supplied every Wednesday. To ensure this, the panel as a reliable refrigerated truck. Currently, the Association is sponsored by the neighborhood assistance (NBH) has a new vehicle Erding ordered. He will be assisted by the Rotary Club Erding, which accounts for 10 000 Euro.

NBH-Chairman and 2. Mayor Petra Bauernfeind thanked for handing over of the cheque to Rotary President Ingrid Kaps and Dr. Christian Otto, Chairman of the Rotary social Fund. The donation is from the proceeds of the Christmas raffle, the annual Club organizes for year the Christmas market at the Schrannenplatz. “The Rest we paid for out of General funds,” said Otto. “It is important for us that the money stays locally,” stressed Cape, is also the head of the district court of Erding. She was thankful for everyone who “buys the Lots, because without their support we could not support”.

And the help may need to the panel Erding for around 70 mainly senior citizens engage in volunteer activities, always. By the Corona-crisis there was “a lot of new customers,” said Bauernfeind, there are about ten percent more. At the beginning of the pandemic, the Old customers held back, now you come back more often to the food issue before the panel rooms at the Erding train station. The distance to comply with the rules, will be held on the issue for months in the open. It bags since then, only pre-Packed Food. A Dilemma: in Spite of the output system in three layers would form, in the meantime, back to snakes, says Bauernfeind. This is completely unnecessary, because all had the same, but a lot of customers would come in earlier than the agreed time.

The new refrigerated van, a Ford Transit, a cost of 42 000 Euro and no later than the beginning of July, delivered. Alone the cooling come on 10 000 Euro, said Bauernfeind. The vehicle was higher than the previous van, a Mercedes Vito, and A facilitated “the and clear up immensely”. The old Vito, who has done twelve years of good service, but always repair was more vulnerable and are left to be sold. Also Erna Weinzierl is happy as a volunteer Board-worker about the support of the Rotary club. “This is also a sign of appreciation for our work,” she said.