A possible WORLD cup exit. A coach who might pull the plug.

It is what is at stake for the Danish national team in skæbnekampen against France.

“It’s paradoxical, right now, we are talking about, it is either Denmark or France, there goes on. The second team shall play the President’s Cup (where they must play on the pitches outside the top-12, red.). It tells something about this here group. It is an important game.”

so says the former national player Trine Nielsen, who today is an expert on the TV 2, to B. T. And it is very simple. Denmark to win against France, otherwise, ends the WORLD cup for this time.

“It’s not a disaster to lose to France, but it would be a bet not to go far from the pot, even if you actually were prepared for it, because it is so strong,” says TV 2-the expert.

it Had to be an exit within mellemrunden, it can also mean goodbye to Klavs Bruun Jørgensen as the national coach.

Before the finals he said himself, that he could well imagine, he would withdraw, if Denmark went out after the group stage. A group, which has welcomed Australia, south Korea, Germany and Brazil in the French european and world champions.

“compared to Klavs Bruun, who has put the ass in klaskehøjde, I will say it, that he has said, as I hear it, that it is, if he does not feel he can develop more on the team. Actually, I think the team has evolved from the last tournament for now,” says Trine Nielsen.

“But it changes the not, who also need to get results on the table. And that’s it, you should sit down and evaluate after. If you believe so much in that the development can carry through, for you may just realize that the ends of Denmark in the President’s Cup, smoking yet another OLYMPICS. Denmark just to have the results,” says Trine Nielsen.

She stresses that she likes Klavs Bruun Jørgensen’s announcement. That if he can not contribute more, then it’s over.

“But I think, just on the development he has moved it here crew. They have moved together. I have been more fickle about it, I think they have evolved, but the results must also be there,” says Trine Nielsen.

Before the match against France, Denmark has retrieved five points by means of the tie against south Korea and the win over Australia and Brazil, while it was a defeat for Germany. Denmark had the opportunities against both south Korea and Germany, but burned the chances of technical errors and margins ruled it.

Against Brazil showed the danes that they could come back, but Trine Nielsen misses the continuity of the national team.

“They have large fluctuations. It is what makes the good teams good. They do not have the fluctuations. They play stable all the way,” says TV 2-the expert.

How bad would it be if it’s called the President’s Cup after the match on Friday and not a mellemrunde?

“You almost didn’t even mention it. It is not something you put in the context of Denmark. But I am quite convinced they also say in France. Of course it will be bad. We had the game in all the other pools, had Denmark been on, but here are five teams who have fought for it. It is bad luck,” says Trine Nielsen.