“When we the last years have shown her struggles, there has typically been plus the 120,000 viewers. It figures, we are not up on, when she is no longer on the WTA Tour. She has really been a highlight. Nevertheless, I have a certain calmness in the stomach. The fact is, of course, that we over the years have built a general tennisinteresse up. So even in the tournaments where she hasn’t been, has the been nice. But of course it will have an impact,” says Kristian Hyldgaard, which is the team he will play on TV2 Sport.

He tells the tv station from the next year’s beginning steps up its coverage of the tennissporten.

“the Plan is that we continue to show plenty of matches from the women’s WTA Tour on TV 2 Sport, while we are on the upcoming TV 2 Sport X – as something new – in the main will follow the men’s ATP Tour closely,” says Kristian Hyldgaard.

Thus, TV 2 Sport pr. 1. January 2020 taken over the ATP-broadcasting rights from the Nordic Entertainment Group, CHRONICALLY, among other things, have the TV3 channel.

“We see, unfortunately, not tennis as a whole the same powerful product, as it was previously. We chose not to extend the Wimbledon transmitteringen, and therefore it has also been natural for us not to continue with the ATP tennis in the future,” writes the tv station’s team he will play, Kim Mikkelsen, in an email to B. T.

the Opinion has Kristian Hyldgaard this comment:

“It is their assessment, and I can also see the logic in it. Each particular, we have some different priorities. For example, they are stronger than us in fodboldomr√•det.”

Kristian Hyldgaard informs that at the beginning of the next week, expect to be able to present all the names of the experts, there will be future comment on the matches on the TV 2 Sport.

“We are going to look at how the team must be composed. But Denmark is not the world’s greatest tennisland. So it’s going to consist of the usual, as well as a few more,” says Kristian Hyldgaard.

It is clear that, among other Patrik Wozniacki continues.

“He’s freelance, but work in periods of time virtually full time with us. We have been very satisfied with his work so far. There was a lot of critical voices in the beginning, but he has proven that his tennism√¶ssige professionalism is great,” says Kristian Hyldgaard.

on Sunday evening at DR told Patrik Wozniacki, that he had known his sister’s plans to stop his career after the Australian Open in a while.

“It is absolutely fair that Patrik did not have earlier reproduced the private talk he had with Caroline, to us. So I see really no problem in it,” says Kristian Hyldgaard.

It is the plan, to TV 2 Sport at the beginning of 2020 shows Caroline She matches at the WTA-tournament ASB Classic, which is played in the new zealand city of Auckland.

in return, the station not to show her very last struggle, because it is Eurosport that has the rights to show the Australian Open.