air Pollution from bushbrandene has reached a record high level, and the number of hospital visits increases.

The australian state of New South Wales gasping in the moment according to the weather during one of the highest levels of air pollution ever measured.

Sydney, Australia’s most populous city, woke up, so Friday up to thick mist and a blood red sun for the fourth day in a row.

Enough has the cooler weather helped the firefighters in their efforts to extinguish the many wildfires, but the authorities continue to struggle with the dozens of fires in the country’s southeastern part.

Bushbrandene have this week placed Sydney on a somewhat exceptional list of the australian port city, namely the list of the top ten cities in the world with the worst air pollution.

After having been number eight earlier in the week took Sydney on Friday morning, a tenth place on the list the Air Visual.

the City is thus over Jakarta and Shenzhen and Mumbai and Kolkata.

the Crisis has put pressure on prime minister Scott Morrison. Critics believe that he has not done enough to address the impacts of climate change in Australia.

Youwin – the Impact of the ongoing drought and the recent bushbrande has led to some of the highest levels of air pollution, which is registered in New South Wales, since we began to monitor the air quality during the tusindårs-the drought, says a spokeswoman for the New South Wales ministry of the environment.

This is with reference to an extensive drought which hit most of southern Australia in the 00’s.

Many of the people who work in Sydney, and the children who go to school in the city, has donned masks for mouth and nose in order to tackle the dangerous air quality.

Meanwhile, burns 55 wildfires still across the land after two weeks.

the Smoke from the fires bring particle pollution, and these particles can be absorbed into the blood circulation. It has, according to the ministry of health in New South Wales caused an increase in the number of patients who show up at the state’s emergency rooms.

Bushbrande is not unusual in Australia, but the season for fires this year started much earlier than usual as a result of, among other things temperatures above 40 degrees, strong winds, and three years of drought.

so Far, four people confirmed dead in the fires, while more than 400 homes have been destroyed since the beginning of november.

Again on Friday rejected prime minister Scott Morrison connections between the fires and his conservative government policy, including support for the coal industry.