The summer is approaching, many say that is why your love handles the battle. A new, healthy Drink with Apple promises to vinegar quick weight loss. What is the Trend-drink can?

Apple cider vinegar*, ginger and lemon: This Super-Combi to let the pounds melt quickly! The new Trend from America sounds too good to be true: “Switchel” is the name of the drink, not just taste, but also the metabolism properly to boost. The result: Annoying love handles will be a thing of the past. But it works really?

diet Cocktail stimulates digestion and metabolism

Who wants to lose weight should pay attention to a lot of movement and on the other hand, on a well-balanced diet*. Here is the Trend-drink from the USA comes in: The Apple cider vinegar-ginger-lemon Drink contains substances that what is the digestion that promote the Hunger and the immune system support , such as the health portal healing praxisnet reported .

Apple cider vinegar and lemon are alkaline foods, which have a positive effect on the pH of the body, and digestion-promoting effect. Also cravings to prevent the two ingredients. Ginger is also an important part of the diet Drinks: The root contains Capsaicin, and Gingerol, which have by their sharpness a warming effect . In consequence, the body is better blood circulation and cools down through sweating, activating the metabolism and thus the calories consumed.

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Helps the “Switchel” when you lose weight?

ginger also be attributed to other health-promoting effects, such as inflammation include anti-inflammatory effect of the tuber. the Also in the case of digestive complaints, and Nausea and bloating ginger is used in the Form of tea as a home remedy .

Whether “Switchel” supports actually in losing weight, is scientifically proven . However, there are some that swear on the new diet drink*. There are to buy the drink, even mixed. Quite simply, it can also be self-restoring.

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“Switchel should require” -: Apple cider vinegar-ginger-Drink yourself


60 ml lemon juice

peel a large ginger tuber 1.5 liters of water, 180 ml of honey or maple syrup 120 ml Apple cider vinegar, The ginger, dice, and then for two minutes in 1.5 liters of boiling water. The pot from the stove and take the mixture about 20 minutes before all of the other ingredients of the admixture. “Switchel” hot or cold to drink.

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