Sometimes the Performance of a musician who can make musical defects of betting. Who would know this better than Stefan Raab, who finished with a manageable profound texted Song “Wadde had a dudde da” the fifth place at the Eurovision Song Contest 2000? On this premise, the new idea of the ProSieben-bedrock is based In the music show “FameMaker” perform is the name of the candidate under a soundproof glass dome, The Jury members, presenter and Comedian Carolin Kebekus, presenter and musician, Luke Mockridge, Comedian, Teddy Teclebrhan, hear no sound and have to rely on your eyes.

ProSieben Teleschau Raabs “FameMaker”-candidates do not have to

be able to sing If the gut feeling is positive, you can drag the “FameMaker lever” that opens the dome. Only then decides whether or not the singing skills of the participants can really convince you, or whether you let a good Show dazzle have. No matter, whether it be an angel voice, or ear pain – Kebekus, Mockridge and Teddy need to stage with your selected candidates, a performance and a Song Produce – always with consideration to the existing Talent. In the Live Finale, viewers decide on the winner.

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Stefan Raab’s idea is implemented in the summer of this year. “Success comes not to the vocal cords, success arises in the mind. It would have given this Show in 1992, I would have joined immediately. Because I could never sing well,” says Raab. From now on, those interested can apply.

“FameMaker” is to combine music with Comedy

In the case of ProSieben, it is hoped that a lot of the new music show: “In ‘FameMaker’ combines the ideas of Stefan Raab in a very special Melange of music, Comedy and Competition. The Show promises to be not in the least because of our #FameMaker Carolin, Luke, and Teddy a lot of fun”, as station chef Daniel rose man. If the next Raab-idea – even if the TV phenomenon will not start even in front of the camera – on ProSieben by? A broadcast date has not yet been communicated.

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