He has won tournaments with Roger Federer as doublemakker, but now draws the former professional tennis player Yves Allegro in the headlines for something completely, completely different.

The 41-year-old swiss has been accused of rape by a woman and must appear in court the 9. december.

This writes the German newspaper Blick, which describes in detail what the Allegro exactly is the accused.

the Incident was, according to the indictment to have occurred on a trænerkonference in Estonia back in 2014. Here was the former tennis player and the woman together with a group of other tennistrænere.

After dinner they got so a couple of glasses of wine before schweizeren ordered 20 shots.

‘the Woman wakes up in the morning up in the same hotel room as the accused. She has bruises and abrasions everywhere,’ writes Blick, among others.

the Media describes further how the subsequent write together on Whatsapp, where Yves Allegro among other things, writes ‘sorry for last night’ and ‘it was not so good and not so gentlemand-like’.

‘When she four days later, ask on Whatsapp, what he believes, he writes, that he has a girlfriend and therefore should not have other women in the room,’ writes the newspaper.

Then trying the woman to think about what exactly happened in the hotel room that night. She speaks, among other things with his friends about it. She explains how the Allegro should have beaten her and thrown her on the bed, just Tempobet as, according to the indictment is also about sexual acts.

though She might not say anything about whether the former star forced her into sex.

‘A forensic report shows that she has several injuries on the body. However, there is not no damage in the genital region and also not semen – but it is there to turn in the woman’s lingerie,’ writes Blick.

the Woman wishes to remain anonymous, but her lawyer informs that the woman has several times explained the incident reliably.

Yves Allegro lawyer. Pierre-Damien Eggly, stating that his client denies the allegations.

“But my client is happy for it to be settled, for so is the end of this scenario close to,” he says.

Allegro reached as an active tennis player to win two tournaments with Roger Federer, just as he reached to participate in the 10 Grand Slam tournaments.

The swiss doublespecialist reached in 2004 its the best location in the world, when he was perched at number 32. As singlespiller beat he, however, never get through.

He stopped his career in 2011 and working in the day at the swiss tennis federation as head coach of the youth.