The Norwegian billionaire Petter Stordalen is well known for his eccentric personality and seemingly endless energy.

Yet the public is always positive musician a rather grey Monday, let he understand. This is due to a relentless review of one of Stordalens hotels, which has now gotten him to as soon as possible to renovate the site.

“When you are in the starting love Mondays, you will not start the week with the reviews that the Today’s business community that boasts had of the Comfort Hotel Børsparken,” says Stordalen in a press release.

The Norwegian erhvervsmedie had staying at the centrally located budget hotel centrally located in Oslo.

despite the relatively low Betasus price for such a well located hotel – about a thousand Norwegian kroner for a night – condemned the media yet the price of ‘everything animals.’

‘the Hotel should be closed for renovation for the longest time,’ says.

Pictures from the visit shows the worn door frames, holes in the wallpaper and the stale dried fruit found on the floor.

The merciless slaughter now have boosted an already impending plan to beautify the hotel, says Petter Stordalen

He took over barely a month ago the Danish travel agency Spies.

“the Comfort Hotel is hotelkoncernens budget alternative. But also on the budget you have to have better experiences than DN had in this case.”

Now, the hotel and the 248 rooms to be renovated for 40 million Norwegian kroner, report Stordalen.

“It has been the most expensive review through the ages, but we start the renovation as soon as nytårsraketterne is the country.”