On Wednesday, the 62-Year-old appeared at the “film to be Buried With”Podcast and reminded on a near-death experience that she had – she was hit by lightning. Stone described the phenomenon as “very intense” and “indescribable”.

The Oscar-winner said: “I was at home. We had our own well and I filled the sink from the iron with water. I had one Hand on the faucet and one Hand on the iron and in the Moment, the fountain was struck by lightning“.

Stone added: “The lightning came through the water. I was thrown through the kitchen against the fridge and got only: ‘Whoa!’. My mother punched me in the face and me back to my Senses brought.“

“My body was full of power”

The Pennsylvania-born actress did not specify how old she was at this time, described the shocking moment but as an “altered state”, which “was so light”.

“My mother threw me into the car and drove me to the hospital. The ECG showed still electricity in my body,“ recalled Stone. “I had to do for 10 days each day ECG. It was so crazy.“ to be

struck By lightning, but was not the Stones ‘ one and only encounter with the Almost-death. At the age of 14, she survived an almost fatal cut to the neck, and in 2001 she suffered a severe stroke.

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