The Danish players are deeply disappointed in their own performance in the crucial WORLD cup match against Serbia.

Which was missing courage and krigerinstinkt on the Danish håndboldlandshold, believes Louise Burgaard, after having seen the OLYMPICS-the dream be crushed with 26-26-the result against Serbia at the WORLD cup.

The experienced shooter is highly critical of his own performance in the crucial WORLD cup battle.

– It is just blank. It is really empty. I could cut off the head of myself, that I had not the courage to the last. It is what we must stand for. It is simply not good enough.

– I just had to take the chance. I made some bad decisions in the majority, where I just had to get scorching, as I’m the best at, says Burgaard.

She explains that the national coach Klavs Bruun J√łrgensen has focused very much on that the players should have the courage to thunder into the holes in the opposing defense.

– it is Better to draw a angrebsfejl or burn than to be passive. We did not do well enough. We must be warriors, and we were not enough warriors.

– I is not going to be able to sleep in three days, I am sure, says Louise Burgaard.

this is The second time in a row that the women’s team miss out on OLYMPICS. At the current national team is Burgaard the only remaining from the last OLYMPIC participation in London in 2012.

– I do not think completely, that I have understood how big impact it has. How much we have lost on the floor, says Burgaard.

Anne-Mette Hansen is tough by itself. Not so much because she is seconds before the time burned, as she had the chance to secure the victory.

Mostly because she generally does not hit its usual level in the incredibly important struggle.

– I am disappointed in myself. I played a fucking miserable game.

– I got the handle off. It is simply too little, that I could not shoot the ball into the goal. And so it was the bead-out at the end. It is typical, says Anne Mette Hansen.