The Schongauer seniors Advisory Council is heading for a new term. Proposals on the part of the citizenship could be given, the city Council chooses from these four representatives. The Chairperson Elisabeth Wagner for a further three years, but it needs a new Deputy. To do it in Schongau for the seniors Advisory Council each amount.

Schongau – In July, the 19 members of the new Advisory Board for senior citizens to come along to its first meeting. Prior to that, the city Council, the panel must confirm, currently under the chairmanship of Elisabeth Wagner, respectively, for the next three years new. Four members of this Advisory Board come directly from the citizenship. Six proposals were received for this purpose, reported Alexander Erhard, contact person at the city of Schongau for the seniors.

of Course she did not wish to tire the Council front, but usually those would be re-elected to the Advisory Board for senior citizens who want to make more, and where the cooperation worked well, explained it to the Chairman.

Elisabeth Wagner would like to do more

you took office in 2011 and would like to go to a fourth round. Wagner’s Deputy, Wolfgang Hümmer wants to pull out of family reasons and is no longer available. For it is needed in any case, a replacement. Back to the election Secretary Irmgard sincerity, which had been relieved during the current term of office, Regina Ellinger-Kiss, and cashier Christine alder stand. “The Team has worked well together,” says Wagner.

From the middle of the city Council was already elected Barbara Karg

in addition to the senior Advisory Board of the center of the city Council, was already chosen Barbara Karg (SPD), also belong to the body of representatives of the Schongauer Old – and nursing homes. Up to twelve seats of the seniors Advisory Committee be directly Associations of Schongauer, associations, Church communities and institutions, dispatched, active in senior work. There is vacant, according to Wagner, only one point: The folklore society has named anyone. Markus Wühr would have had to make the Post longer from professional reasons, a successor was not found. “Perhaps Mr Wühr has now more time,” said Wagner’s request. She finds it good, if Younger sit in the senior citizens ‘ Advisory Board. In contrast to the representatives of the citizens, do not have to be the club representatives, namely, over the age of 55 years.

Currently, the work is only possible to a limited extent

Currently, the work of the senior Advisory Board is due to the Corona pandemic is quite limited, but should be back in June again. The regular Meeting is scheduled every third Thursday of the month at 15 o’clock. On Thursday, 25. June, to be held in the meeting room of the town hall with a lecture by Doris Kettner, and Petra Stragies on the topic of “fun active against dementia”.

May the event can take place due to the Corona-provisions only without guests in the frame of the Advisory Board, “the members are to wear but as multipliers of the content”, is the wish of Elisabeth Wagner. In the autumn, the suspended lecture on vascular diseases with head physician Dr. Peter Baumann from the hospital to because of the home and a info event will be rescheduled on the Schongauer panel.

Good contact organised by the Schongauer senior citizens Advisory Board with the bodies in peißenberg and Weilheim, and also in the country-senior citizens Association. The next senior citizens day, we organized alternately with because home, is to take place in Schongau again until 2022.

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