In Saxony caused a 7-Year-old due to paint scratches in car damages in the amount of 30,000 euros. The police has placed, and may believe, the reason hardly. to eliminate the

scratches in the car paint* can be a costly endeavor. In Saxony 37, car owners now have this Problem. In the case of the perpetrator, however, is a seven-year-old girl.

paint scratch for every car owner to the Horror. Not always have to be consulted after the workshop – also home remedies that can eliminate the* help. Nevertheless, you want to spare yourself the Trouble.

In Hohenstein-Ernstthal in Saxony is a seven-year-old girl has driven several cars up to mischief. You caused the damage in the five digit range. But this is no evil intent was and one or the other car owner will forgive her even.

cars with the same pattern scratched

The girl. according to a police report from the police of Saxony on 4 June in between the 21. and 27. April paint scratches to a total of 37 vehicles have caused. The damage amounts to a total of 30,000 Euro . The scratches come from one and the same perpetrator was of the same pattern that was scratched in the car. The police launched a comprehensive investigation and went after the footsteps. The investigators should have done the police report, according to the complex forensic examinations and multi-day Surveillance of the crime scenes.

The found evidence and statements of witnesses have led you, ultimately, to the little Culprit. This is the seven-year-old girl who then explained to the police why it had scratched the cars.

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The confession: The scratch should be snowflakes

a conversation with the police officer, the 7-Year-old While was that you wanted to flake with stones of snow on the cars “painting”. You would not have known the harm that they are causing it. Surely this is for the affected car owners is extremely annoying. It is unclear whether the parents were at the time in the vicinity, as her daughter austobte to the 37 vehicles. It is also not mentioned whether or not you need to pay for the damage.

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