thick clouds of smoke and flames: A fire broke out on Sunday morning (local time) in a historic warehouse in San Francisco.

In San Francisco broke out on Sunday morning (local time) a fire at the port. A historic warehouse is going up in flames. The column of smoke is seen for miles.

San Francisco – In a port facility in the San Francisco in the U.S. state of California, there has been a large fire. The fire broke out on Saturday morning (local time) from yet unknown cause, in a warehouse on the historic Wharf Pier 45 how the fire and rescue services. There is major damage was done. Temporarily, around 150 firefighters were in use. A firefighter had been injured working the fire, no one else had come to harm, it was more. Footage showed one of the fire ascending and widely-visible column of smoke.

San Francisco: Therefore, Pier 45 is so famous

On Pier 45, the US military ship Jeremiah O’brien from the time of the Second world war, which was not damaged by the fire, is, among other things. It is also very close to the tourist Pier 39, where numerous sea lions frolicking. The docks belong to the grounds of the Fisherman’s Wharf, this is due to numerous attractions, Restaurants and shops for tourists and Locals.