Russia is semifinaleklar at handball WORLD championships after a win at 35-28 over Montenegro. Spain is near advancement.

Russia’s sovereignty continues at the handball WORLD cup in Japan.

Tuesday won the russians for the seventh time of the seven possible in the tournament, as it was for an ultimately comfortable win at 35-28 over Montenegro. With the victory, Russia as the first team ready for the semi-finals of the tournament.

Spain is also very close to one of the semi-finals after having beaten Japan with 33-31. It is only Sweden, which, in theory, can catch up with Spain.

This assumes that Sweden beats both Romania and Montenegro, while Spain will lose to Russia. At the same time, the three outcomes also lead to Sweden at the same time collect 18 goals in Spain’s goal difference.

Therefore, similar to Wednesday’s showdown between Russia and Spain, a decidedly gruppefinale for first place.

Montenegro should have the point out of the match against Russia in order to retain a realistic hope of advancement to the semifinals, and the montenegrins opened also on the positive.

In the first half was the team in front of both 10-6 and 11-7, but the lead on the four objectives were quickly obtained, and at the break, Russia was ahead by 17-16.

At the beginning of the second half went on the teams nicely ad, but then put the Russia the trump card on which the team has had a habit throughout the tournament. With great physics, speed, and technique was the fight actually settled, as the russians went from 25-23 to 29-23.

Spain’s subsequent victory also came in danger along the way. The spaniards led otherwise with five targets at the beginning of the second half, but were obtained. The match was equal until 25-25, before Spain withdrew from and ended up winning by two goals.