Rusada-chief Yuri Ganus expect that an option to Wada on four years of quarantine are followed.

The International anti-doping agency (Wada) will exclude Russia as a nation from all the major sporting events in four years.

It expects the head of Russia’s anti-doping agency (Rusada), Yuri Ganus.

– this is The reality, ” says Ganus told AFP.

the Announcement comes after it on Monday night came to light, that a committee, under the Wada has recommended four years of quarantine for Russia, because the country for many years have seen great on the anti-doping rules and continues to do so.

– We are entering a new phase of Russia’s deep dopingkrise in the next four years, says the Rusada-the boss.

– Four years is a long time. It is two times the OLYMPICS, he notes.

Ganus refers to next year’s summer OLYMPICS in Tokyo, while two years later, waiting for a winter OLYMPICS in Beijing. Here, Russia will by all accounts be excluded as a country, if the Wadas exclusion becomes a reality.

instead, the Russian athletes – just like at the winter OLYMPICS in the south Korean Pyeongchang – having to put up under the neutral flag.

Exclusion may also bring the country’s status as one of 12 hosts for next year’s european championship finals is in danger. Russia are placed in the same group as Denmark and Ka├žak Bahis Belgium in the tournament, which is pulled to let to 30. november.

Russia, however, will have the opportunity to appeal any decision to The International court of arbitration for sport (CAS).

Russia has been in the spotlight, because it suspects the country’s anti-doping agency to dabble with the athletes ‘ test scores.

Wada asked to get these handed out and got it also in January of this year. But in september, it emerged that the russians had tampered with these data, and therefore, the country is now at a historically severe punishment.

According to Yuri Ganus, Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, to take action.

– to be completely honest, I am waiting for the president to take an active part in it here.

– There are many problems in the field of sports here, but the hardest and most tragic is to see our practitioners are taken hostage by the sports leaders ‘ actions.

– We need real changes.

– We need new sports managers, says Yuri Ganus in the interview with AFP.

9. december Wadas board of directors make a final decision on Russia at a meeting in Paris.