Rungsted won 6-2 out of Odense, denmark in Metal Ligaen. The league leaders Aalborg finally prevailed 4-2 over south Jutland.

Requirements from Rungsted Seier Capital is back on sejrssporet in the Metal League.

on Tuesday night won the north sjælland hockey team with 6-2 at stamford bridge over the drain plug Odense Bulldogs, and thus got Rungsted washed last week’s shameful 0-6 defeat to Esbjerg Energy by itself.

Even though the inhabitants of funen levelled the game to 2-2 at the end of the second period, the excitement was almost gone, when the period was over.

11 seconds after the reversal was Rungsted again in the front, and a minute later, the lead expanded to 4-2. It was expanded with Tombala two more goals in the third period, and the masters were noted for six different goal scorers in the match.

the Victory sends Rungsted past the Street and up on the second place.

so Long as it also appears that Rungsted would tail into the top team, Aalborg Pirates, but it was not the case.

In hjemmekampen against the Border were the people from northern jutland behind 0-2 before last period, but an early reduction of Anders Krogsgaard and two late goals by the american Pier-Olivier Morin tipped the showdown the other way. At last, Mikkel Højbjerg close the purge nine seconds before time.

Aalborg has ten points more than Rungsted in second place.

Esbjerg won for the third match in a row, as vestjyderne on home beat Rødovre Mighty Bulls 4-1.

the Players from Herning Blue Fox could take all three points home in the bus after having beaten Herlev Eagles with a 5-2 at stamford bridge. The experienced midfielder Morten Poulsen was double goal scorer for central jutland.