Scotland Yard confirmed that the police have moved out to the knivangreb at London Bridge. Several reported injured.

Several people reported injured in connection with a knivangreb on the London Bridge Friday afternoon.

the Bridge has been cordoned off in connection with the incident, writing several british media.

Scotland Yard confirmed according to The Guardian, that the police have moved out to a knivangreb.

Police were called to a stabbing in the vicinity of London Bridge at 13.58 – (14.58 Danish time), it says in a message on Twitter.

In this context, is a suspected perpetrator has been detained.

Scotland Yard confirmed that a man has been shot by the police in connection with the incident.

Sky News has reported an explosion at the Borough Market. The announcement has since Onwin been withdrawn.

the Borough Market, however, has been cordoned off, as there have been reports that the suspect was also seen there.

the ambulance service in London announces that it will hear the case as a “big event”.

In a video from the episode, you can see how police officers and civilians trying to overpower the alleged perpetrator.

On the video you can also hear it, that sounds like a firearm being fired.

According to The Guardian, five people have been injured during the incident. Several of them must be in critical condition.

the Perpetrator’s motive is still unknown, notify the police in London. As a starting point investigated the case as a terrorsag.

The british prime minister, Boris Johnson, writing on Twitter that he follows the case.

I kept up to date about the incident at London Bridge and would like to thank the police and emergency management for their rapid response, he writes in a tweet.

interior minister Priti Patel has commented on the matter.

– Very concerned about the incident at London Bridge. My thoughts are with all those affected. I am grateful for the police’s quick response, and I encourage all to follow their instructions, she writes.